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Because if you don’t know these frameworks you will spend years learning what you can learn in one of these videos. By the time you learn all of this by yourself you will have already wasted years. This program has over 10 years of combined accumulated knowledge from successful men’s physique pros.

(90 Day Access) + 1 Free Online Posing Session with Shaun after you complete the course.


Wade Hammer

Ryan Coleman

Quinton Richardson

Josh Matlock

Grant Ogbodo

Gordon Fields

Clyde Horton Jr.

Chris Spruel

Andrew Smith


When I first began in Men’s Physique, I had no idea how important it was to have a “qualified” posing coach. What do I mean when I say “qualified”? Let me take you back to when I first started competing. Obviously like any newbie to bodybuilding I had no idea what I was doing. I had a pretty good physique and I was super confident. Then I saw a YouTube video of what a Men’s Physique competition consisted of. 

I quickly found out that posing isn’t just going on stage and flexing your muscles. Posing is an art! I also found out very quickly that not all poses work for everyone, after trying to mimic the poses I saw the pros do on YouTube. I needed to find someone who had competed in Men’s Physique before, someone who has had some success or in other words “qualified” could teach me how to pose quickly if I wanted to do well in my upcoming show. 

I asked around and eventually got connected with someone who had won multiple championships in physique shows. After talking to him he agreed to give me some coaching. The only problem was he lived almost 2 hours away! Yes, it was worth it because I wanted to do well in my show, but it was very stressful and expensive having to travel for coaching. Long story short I qualified for Nationals at my very first show in the NPC, then won my Pro Card in the OCB the following year.

That was back in 2015-2016. Since then I have won multiple championships. After having success in Men’s Physique for multiple years and winning 1st Place in my class, 2nd Overall 2 years in a row at the OCB World Championships Yorton Cup I decided to officially coach other rising competitors how to showcase their physique in the best way.

Yes, I have coached many physique competitors how to pose in person and still do! But I decided to also offer Online Men’s Physique Posing so that competitors don’t have to travel like I did when I first got started. 

I have coached competitors across the country and now have expanded as far as India. Many of those competitors were Pro Card winners, class winners, or top 3 placements. It is safe to say that you can learn how to pose online if it is taught correctly and if you follow each step.

After seeing so much success with coaching physique competitors how to pose online. I created a program that has never been done before called MPPC (Men’s Physique Posing Course). I compiled all the information, techniques, and posing secrets that I have learned and used to coach so many other successful posing clients. I have coached competitors across the country and now have expanded as far as India. It is safe to say that you can learn how to pose online with proper coaching.