About Me

About Shaun Canoy

When I first started weight training it was never to compete as a bodybuilder. I was introduced to weight training when I was about 14 years old through playing football and being on the track & field team. I was a pretty skinny kid growing up, so I loved the idea of lifting weights to gain some muscle.

After high school I began fighting in the ring as a kickboxer going undefeated for 3 years later deciding to give up fighting to pursue natural bodybuilding. After having success in natural bodybuilding by becoming a top ranked National Pro I got a lot of exposure in the natural bodybuilding industry, from magazines, sponsors, photoshoots, and speaking seminars. With all of this going on multiple people began to ask me for fitness tips and to join me for workouts at the gym.

One of those people was a coworker of mine who was overweight and diabetic. After letting him join my workouts and giving him tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise he was able to lose over 50lbs and get off his medication.

Once I saw that I could help someone improve their health and overall quality of life I decided to become a personal trainer so that I could help as many people as possible in that area of their life. Since becoming a personal trainer, I have created one of the largest Fitness Boot Camps in Greensboro NC. Another passion is developing and educating people. I love sharing the knowledge that I have accumulated over my career, whether it’s at the gym, online, or at a seminar.